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Our Flag Football Season for Fall 2023 is Now Opened!

Be Compelled is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower the next generation of leaders through mentorship and sports.

Be Compelled was initially created to address a growing need for quality and well-trained coaches, with a focus on equipping them to cultivate healthy developmental relationships with youth, ages 6-18. 

While building coaching capacity for youth sports remains at the core of our mission, Be Compelled has expanded its services to include partnering with organizations to: 

  • Consult and train existing staff on facilitating quality youth sports programs 
  • Develop and implement a variety of youth sports programs for in-school, late afternoon, field day and special events; and 
  • Create or run youth sports leagues and tournaments 

Be Compelled has also added a workforce component for older teens that teaches life skills, healthy habits, and financial literacy to further assist them in building towards better futures

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